Usage Policy

We have adopted a philosophy that assumes the honesty and good intent of our subscribers, therefore our services are provided in as unrestricted a manner as possible to allow our users to have the richest Internet experience possible. If you have any questions about any of our policies, please contact us at [email protected]

Violation of the following policies will result in immediate termination of accounts.

Users may not download or store illegal copies of commercial software. If we find commercial software stored on our hard disk, we will delete the files and immediately terminate your service.

Trying to “hack” root or user logins on any machine is forbidden. Attempting to do so will result in immediate account termination.

Users may not run packet sniffers or similar programs.


Users may not “spam” or flood the usenet with a single post to a large number newsgroups (10 or more) not related to the topic of your article, or make many posts with essentially the same content to many different newsgroups.

Users may not post offtopic messages to Usenet. This includes messages violating the specific newsgroup’s charter or purpose.

Users may not make physical threats against another person via e-mail, news or any other electronic media/service we provide.

Users may not forge e-mail or news postings (to include cancel messages, whether manual or automated). Users may cancel messages only from a newsgroup that they moderate.

Users may not “spam” people via email. This is defined as unsolicited (unwanted, unrequested) email.


Users must safeguard their account passwords as if they were credit card numbers. If someone were to gain access to your account password, they could tamper with your files and your email.


Customers of WEBSITEDESIGNHUB may not host, or permit hosting of, sites or information that is advertised by Unsolicited Commercial Email, off-topic and/or excessively cross/multi posted Usenet advertisements, IRC, or other online venue from any Internet Service Provider.

Users may not mount an attack against our system or any other systems. This includes but is not limited to mail bombing “hacking” or attempting to gain root access, ping flooding, tsunami or flood bots or annoyance utilities like “nuke” or “flash”.

Users may not run anonymous remailing or reposting services.

WEBSITEDESIGNHUB must further limit any exception made to our standard user policies as secondary in regards to server security, performance and integrity. Any user, regardless of exception status may have his or her web site, CGIs, bots or other programs running from their account disabled if it is interfering with the security, performance and integrity of WEBSITEDESIGNHUB’s web servers.