Most frequent problems encountered:
    • Slow-loading pages
    • Complex and overwhelming navigation
    • Cluttered and busy page layouts
    • Users cannot find what they want on a website, they will regard the download time as slower than it actually might be.
    • Reading website content on mobile becomes a hassle, to scroll continuously right and left to read full contents
    • Website not found on search engine
These problems in-turn poses negatively impact on user satisfaction.

Here’s some tips for your Website Design

1 ) Website Design and SEO friendly
User Experience (UX) is a broader concept than usability. Whether a website has conveyed its adequacy to convey their business, simple to explore, effective to utilize, fast loading and pleasant design. Most website owners hope to attain optimal user navigational experience in return for high conversion rate. Clean and structured programming for your website do influence Onsite SEO Optimization.

Why Website Design Hub strongly recommends Tailor-made Website Design that is built from scratch?
We have seen many past cases whereby WordPress Template is limited for current and future website functions and doesn’t support customisation and clients have to spend another lump sum for a brand new Tailor-made Website Design.

2 ) Technology
With the enhancement of technology,
  • Building a Website that can be viewed nicely on any mobile devices is made possible. Responsive Website scales and fitted nicely from all devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet or any web browser. It greatly reduces website costs on additional building and maintaining separate websites for mobile, tablet or browser compatible experiences.
  • Simple changes to Website Content and requires budget for Web Vendor charges? Self help portal is made possible for business owner or their authorised staff/s to edit website contents efficiently at any point of time. Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that allows authorised staff/s to publish, add, modify, organize, delete, and maintaining content from our Customised CMS System built according to your business needs. It is easy to use, improves efficiency and lower business expenses in the long run.
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3 ) Tracking system
Google analytics will be integrated in the website to monitor results from different channels and to optimize for the best outcome.

4 ) Sales Kit Online
Each website represents their business sales kit online and attracts targeted customers from search engine.

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