The websites we have today are completely different from what we used to have 10 years ago. Back then, the Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheet were probably the only well known languages for client side design and development. Change came, and now we have an improvement on both the markup language and an addition of JQuery library in the industry.
The gradual change in modern design and development only means that designers and developers new to the game have to pull up their socks and stay in touch with the new changes. Here are a few things you will have to adopt to make a career out of website design and development.

Know JQuery

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Do not be shocked with this, but thousands of websites out there do not have JavaScript on them. The sad truth is, Hypertext Pre-Processor is a server side scripting language, which cannot enhance the client experience. And this reason alone should make you learn and understand JQuery to the fullest. It s a simplified version of JavaScript, which does just about anything you could ever think or imagine. For instance, the only way the client machine can communicate with the server without the need to refresh the browser window is to use AJAX, a JQuery approach, written to help communicate with the server without the need to reload the entire page.

Know that PHP is not everything:

PHP and MySQL alone are inefficient. If you were to build a new website from scratch only in PHP and MySQL, no JavaScript, HTML or CSS, you would see how ugly the page would look in the end. If you want to become a good designer and developer therefore, learn and understand both server side and client developing languages. In other words, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript should be on your fingertips to say the least.