I have always had a passion for technology since I was a young boy. I had the passion to relate myself with the internet, mostly become a web designer and developer. I tried consulting some friends who were wise in the field, and all I got as feedback was that this was not as easy as I thought. But I did not give up, and what started as simple self-taught lessons ended up giving a suitable career as a developer and designer.


First, I had to stop believing that sitting down in a 3 hours lecture session was the perfect way to get me learning. The teacher was not really doing enough, and in fact, he seemed to care less about the technical part of the topic, except he was on payroll and was feeding on my fee. That was not fair though. I started to believe that I could teach myself to design and develop. They say that with the internet age, classroom is unnecessary and I agree.


The second thing I did was research. A friend suggested that I try programming videos usually published on YouTube by the best channel owners, and I found that this worked best for me. I started learning coding, using the basics as the core to my learning. I started noticing the difference between the designs that I made and the web apps that I developed when I compared to those that my friends at college created.

Consult experts:

The third thing I did was get help from experts. I needed to do the much I could to get deep into design and development, so I tried my best to email, call, interact and talk to the best teachers in this field.

The Results:

By the end of the seventh month, I was not only a designer and a developer but also a professional, now putting food on the table with my new career. To date, its been 7 years that I been developing website and web solutions.